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Living Legend  


Written by R. Rat / S. Brint / L. Mayer / Stock/Aitken/Waterman

Driving, driving, driving in my car
This is a little song about Roland's favourite car, the Ratmobile
Driving, driving, driving in my car
Oh shut up, Kevin. You know I hate the Ratmobile

I want a car with white-wall tyres
Hydrofoils and turbo-power
That'll go from nought to sixty
In less than half an hour
A high-performance, crypton-tuned chauffeur in a suit
A fuel-injected sun-roof and a jacuzzi in the boot

Cos I'll be driving, driving
What will I be doing?
Driving in my car
Course I will, yeah
Driving, driving
Yeah, driving in my car

Forget your Fords and Vauxhalls
Mercs and Daimlers too
Cos all I want's a Roller
And nothing else will do
With discreetly tinted windows, a TV and a bar
And possibly a butler to serve chips and caviar

Driving, driving, driving in my car
course I will
I'll be driving, driving
Driving in me car

Well, I've driven round the world and back
In the Ratmobile
But it's hard to feel like a superstar when you're sitting at it's wheel
I mean, can you imagine Lady Di in the back of a Bedford van?
Or the Pope and Liberace in a clapped-out old Sedan?

David Bowie on a push-bike, Bryan Ferry on a
double-decker bus?
When you're in the upper league power steering is a must
I need twin-cam carburettors, I'm an aero-dynamic rat
But all I've got is the Ratmobile, and the battery's going flat

Driving, driving, driving in my car
Driving, driving, driving in my car

Lyrics reproduced by kind permission




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Taken from "Living Legend - The Album"

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