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The Hair Loss Song

Guinea Pig In Love
Written by R. Rat / S. Jeffries

He can buy me lots of things
Sports cars or diamond rings
But when all is said and done
One person makes life fun
I know that he's a rat but I can live with that
And I'm just a guinea pig in love

Oh, I'm crazy about him!

Yeah! So am I!

You know one day we'll marry
And then one day he'll carry
Two little rat kids in his arms - in his arms
I'm sure of that, he'll be my Roland Rat
And I'll be his guinea pig in love

'Ere my millions of fans
Shouldn't see me pushing prams
Nappies don't suit a superstar
I'm sure of that
Cos I am Roland Rat
She's only a guinea pig in love

Get me out of this Errol!

We'll buy a penthouse suite
Where we could always meet
All of his superstar friends
Cos they all love him too
Like I know I do
Cos I'm just a guinea pig in love

We'll fall in love forever
And retire together
With fond memories of his showbiz fame
Just think of that, my dear old Roland Rat
I'll still be a guinea pig in love

Who needs a guinea pig in love?

Why must I be a guinea pig in love?

Lyrics reproduced by kind permission

Guinea Pig In Love
Taken from "Living Legend - The Album"

Original album vinyl cover


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