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Roland Rat - The Series II  

Roland's TV Interviews


Roland headed off to America with Kevin and Errol to make a TV series in Los Angeles - but Little Reggie was missing his big brother, so was sent by parcel post from Kings Cross to LA for a holiday!

The gang toured round some of LA's most famous places, including Rodeo Drive, theme parks and of course, the Hollywood sign.

They were frequently joined on their adventures by Bill, an aspiring actor also looking for work.

Filmed in 1997, LA Rat was shown on Channel 5 in the UK.


LA RAT - Opening Titles

LA Rat

Errol and Roland under the Hollywood
                          signRoland at the hotelKevin and Roland at a TV studio complexA parcel arrives from LondonIt's Little Reggie!Roland and ErrolBrotherly loveErrol buying souvenirsDinosaur park near the freeway in LA
Errol and Roland outside a theme parkRoland orders a Danish beerKevin and RolandRoland goes to a pow-wowRoland and friend, BillErrol orders his 6th shed from the Home
                          Shopping ChannelTalking to a tasty bird on the beachRelaxing at the hotelRoland and Errol having lunch

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