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Leeks Are Wonderful, Leeks Are Nice  

My Roland

Rat Rapping
Written by R. Rat / S. Jeffries

Come On Kev, let's get down to some real Rat Rapping
What are you talking about, Roland?
Scratching, Kevin
What, records, Roland?
No, fleas Kevin, fleas
It's all the rage, Kev

First you find the flea, preferably under the armpit
Then chase it Kev, round your shoulder blade and scratch

Right, first you find the flea
You've got it, Kev
I've got a problem Roland, I can't find one
Don't be stupid Kevin - you're riddled with them
Am I Roland?

Course you are, don't question me. I'm a Superstar
Par excellance, heavy on style I'm your main man,
So come on Kev, my number one fan... scratch

I don't know how many times I have to tell you Kevin
Rats are wonderful, rats are marvellous. Thousands faint at my feet, the world is my oyster Kev, why?
Because I'm full of showbiz glamour, the world's first rodent Superstar!

Lots of talk and lots of action
Roland Rat's the main attraction
With a penthouse suite, swimming pool
Pretty young guinea pigs playing it cool
Rolls Royces, yachts, caviar
I told you once, I'm a Superstar
Lah de dah, lah de dee, I'm a megastar don't question me
Want a chauffer with a limousine
Live a life of luxury, that's my dream
Carry credit cards, diamond rings
These are a few of my favourite things....

Fingers in the fur, lets find that flea
Chase it down right to the knee
Run it around until you catch it
Locate the itch and then you scratch it

Lyrics reproduced by kind permission

Rat Rapping
Taken from "The Cassette Of The Album"

                  Rapping 7" cover

Original 7" vinyl cover

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