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Super hero status was assured as Roland turned to crime-fighting in 1987.

These episodes were in a short comic book style format and saw Roland and the gang battling a varying array of baddies, such as Fatman, Wombat Woman and The Fiddler.

To preserve their identity, the gang adopted alter-egos. Roland was, of course, Ratman - Kevin was Pink Bucket Man - Errol went for Leekman, Fergie turned into Kiltman, whilst Little Reggie was Windman.

Glenis and Eric rarely appeared in this series, whilst Colin, Iris and Freddy weren't seen at all.


Ratman - Opening Titles


The FiddlerFatmanChameleon GirlWombat WomanEric and Pink Bucket ManErrol and Fergie in the Rat CaveRatman guards the precious Ann DiamondRatman, Kiltman and Pick Bucket ManSuperheroes in a shopping trolley!
The gang with HRH The QueenLeekman, Ratman and KiltmanLeekmanWindman and ErrolPhilip Schofield talks to RolandOne of our announcers is missing...... captured by Stick Insect ManGlenis safely back in the Rat CaveRoland writes out someone's invoice!

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