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Little Reggie

BIRTHDAY - 25th February / STAR SIGN - Pisces / FIRST APPEARANCE - Roland Goes East / HOBBIES - Running fast and going beserk

Little Reggie - Roland's younger brother and general tearaway, was born in the sewer under King's Cross railway station. He first hit our screens when the gang travelled to Hong Kong. HLittle Reggiee was going to miss his brother so much, he stowed away in the luggage much to everyone's surprise!

Reggie tends to run around very quickly indeed, usually only stopping to break wind, and to utter his favourite saying "Great 'ere 'innit?!"

Reggie managed to stand still long enough to record his own song, obviously titled "Great 'ere 'innit?!" in which he tells of everything that he likes, even though he mentions that Errol is boring several times! He also had a play on the recording studio's drums on the original Pink Bucket song - the B side of Love Me Tender. Incidentally, it was Reggie's fault that Roland's first album was called The Cassette Of The Album - Kevin found it funny anyway!

Reggie has a pet bird, an eagle called Eric, who lives in the toilets in the Rat Cave. Reggie was up to his old tricks when the gang jetted off to America - he was posted out to them in a cardboard box to L.A., much to Roland's annoyance!

Check out Reggie's Twitter page!

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