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Roland Goes East

After answering a newspaper advert for a film - "Enter The Rodent", Roland, Kevin and Errol flew off to the Orient. The first surprise was on the plane - Little Reggie had stowed away in the hand luggage!

A Rolls Royce picked up Rol and Kev and headed to the Golden Harvest Film Co to meet director Mr Dimsum. It was a shame that the script was in Chinese - thankfully Kevin was on hand to translate.

Roland missed his costume fitting due to sight-seeing, but again Kevin was on hand to help out - he also did some of the stunts too.

Their accommodation was a luxury yacht - "The Resplendent Dawn", but two days later, they realised they were on the wrong one. Their Resplendent Dawn was actually a traditional Chinese junk!

Roland wasn't too happy with the script, so he completely rewrote it, including a rendition of "Love Me Tender". Mr Dimsum wasn't impressed, and asked Kevin to play the lead character instead and offered parts to Errol and Reggie.

Thankfully, the boys decided to turn down the offer of money, fame and fortune, and headed home with Roland.

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Roland Goes East - Opening Titles

Love Me Tender

Roland Goes East

Errol takes the Ratmobile to be shipped
                            to Hong KongThe gang on the planeLittle Reggie makes a surprise
                            appearanceCar waiting for Lowland Lat!At the studios with Gloria and Mr
                            DimsumErrol pulls Roland around in a
                            rickshawLIVE from Hong KongIs this the right boat?Roland and Kevin entertain Mr Dingdong
Roland drunk on rice wineThe Ratmobile driving around KowloonMeeting a new friendErrol and Roland admire the viewFilming Enter The RodentKevin in costumeRoland takes chargeFilming the Love Me Tender videoHong Kong by night


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