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Roland's Yuletide Binge

Roland's first spectacular for the BBC - although he nearly missed it!

Fast asleep in front of the TV on Christmas Day, Roland was alerted by the Rat Watch alarm. He and Kevin promptly made their way to BBC Television Centre - in a milk float as the Ratmobile had been blocked in.

Attempting to find the right studio, they bumped into plenty of stars including Frankie Howerd, Beryl Reid, and HRH The Queen, who was writing her Christmas Day speech.

They also found Darcey De Farcey, who had somehow become the Head Of Light Entertainment. Thankfully, he knew where the studio was - but they had made it out to look like a sewer.

Errol attempted to get to the BBC via his patented Hamster Travel Tube, which he did just as the end credits were rolling.

Not a great start to Roland's BBC career!







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Roland's Yuletide Binge

Roland asleep in the Rat CaveLittle ReggieRoland's live programme has started!Kevin in the Rat CaveRol wakes upRol and Kev hot-foot it to the BBC - in
                            a milkfloatHead of Light Entertainment - Darcey De
Errol's Travel Tube failsRoland and Kevin with Frankie HowerdRoland is in a singing moodHRH The Queen meets RolandRoland reads this year's speech........ and rewrites it!The end of Roland's first BBC

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