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Errol The Hamster

BIRTHDAY - 23rd August / STAR SIGN - Virgo / FIRST APPEARANCE - Rat On The Road / HOBBIES - Collecting leeks, Welsh singing

Errol comes from CardifErrol
                            in the VT Room at TV-amf in Wales, is fond of leeks and Male Voice Choirs, but doesn't like loud electronic music, fast cars or planes. He dislikes flying so much, that when Roland and Kevin went to Switzerland, Errol drove the Ratmobile across several countries to meet them. He flew to Hong Kong, but picked the car up after it had travelled on a cargo ship from the UK!

Errol's first job with the gang was to make sure the cartoons on TV-am were played at the right time - he was the one in the Video Tape room pressing play! He made his first public appearance on Rat On The Road, and has appeared in every TV series since. He also sang two songs on Roland's first album - Live Dangerously, which he doesn't, and one a lovely choir song about the wonders of leeks. He also rapped on The Pink Bucket Reggae Song!

One of his favourite pastimes is inventing. He was responsible for the upgrade of the Ratmobile, turning it from "a heap of old junk" into a top notch car, fit for a Superstar! One of his inventions is the Rat Watch, which has a clock, a radio and a two way communication system built into it.Errol in Switzerland

Even though Roland and Little Reggie especially sometimes find him a bit boring, Errol is a very valuable member of the rodent team. There's lovely!

You can see what Errol has been up to by checking his Twitter feed! Errol got bored with Facebook, so he is no longer on there.

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