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Fergie The Ferret

BIRTHDAY - 5th January / STAR SIGN - Capricorn / FIRST APPEARANCE - Roland Rat: The Series / HOBBIES - DIY

Fergie in
                              Roland Rat: The SeriesFergie was born in Glasgow, and his owner talked about Roland, after seeing him filming Rat On The Road in Edinburgh. Fergie wrote to the superstar, offering his services - after all he was a member of the Scottish Academy of Skipfillers, and DIY was his job. He didn't get a reply, so he travelled down to King's Cross by coach, where he bumped into Kevin - who was impressed with his qualification. He was offered the job of Official Ratcave Interior Decorator, which he takes very seriously - even though Roland thinks he is ruining his sewer!Fergie and a haggis

Fergie has recorded his own record, in which he tells of his love of climbing up people's trouser legs. Well, he is a ferret after all!

He loves anything Scottish, adores Moira Anderson, and always wears a kilt. When he is not repairing the Ratcave, he is out shopping, wandering round DIY stores looking for parts to enable him to carry out the next stage of renovation. See what havoc Fergie has been causing by checking in with his Twitter page!


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