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Glenis The Guinea Pig

BIRTHDAY - 1st October / STAR SIGN - Libra / FIRST APPEARANCE - Operation F.O.G.I. / HOBBIES - Spending money / reading fashion magazines

Glenis was born in the luxurious surroundings of Harrod's department store in LoGlenis in her cage at Harrodsndon. She was rescued from there by Roland, Kevin, Errol and Reggie during Operation F.O.G.I. (Free Our Glen Immediately), in which the gang used daring techniques to free her from her cage in the Pet Department on the second floor. She was rescued in October, 1985.

Her involvement in the rodent gang started long before then, however, as she is responsible for signing the backing vocals on all of Roland's records. Roland and Kevin used to sneak into Harrod's with a cassette recorder, Glenis would sing her part of the songs, then they would be mixed in with Roland's vocals to get the finished record. As soon as Glenis was freed, she went out and bought a white Porsche car. Sadly, there wasn't enough money on Kevin's credit card, and it had to be returned to the dealer!

Glenis' ambition is to marry Roland. She made her own record about the very subject on his second album, Living Legend. She has even got so far as to get Roland down the aisle, but unfortunately for her, he chose to run off with Samantha Fox instead! And now she has another rival who is trying to win Roland's affections, Roxanne.

Glenis shares her Number One Ratfan status with Kevin. You can visit her on Twitter by clicking here

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