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July 2008

Hi Roland! Thanks for doing another interview for Ratfans.com.  Letís get started with the questionsÖ

Ratfans.com:- 25 years in Showbiz is a brilliant achievement. Talk us through some of the highs, and lows, of the last quarter of a century of entertaining.Roland on TV-am
Roland:- Being a multi talented geni-arse is a hard cross to bear, but  Iíve always been prepared to suffer for my art. However, l never  Ďave yeahhhhh!!! Iíve had a FAB time made millions, entertained the masses and had one big party...what could be better? From those early days at TV-AM up on the roof with me first series l knew Iíd be around forever cus Iím marvellous stands to reason donít it yeahhhh! When those hundreds of letters started pouriní in l knew l was set on the path for superstardom. The BBC loomed so did Channel 5 and Channel 4 and just about every other channel you can think of so líve moved around a bit over 25 years! This year Iíve had a fab time appeariní on loads of different TV and radio....rehab is not an option for this superstar yeahhhhh!!

You must be thrilled to see hundreds of Ratfans getting back together, this time on the World Wide Web. What does it feel like to know that, even after 25 years, you are still loved by the masses?
The web is a fantastic place for old and new Ratfans to talk directly to yours truly on a one to one... what could be better, l just wish that we had been able to use the web in the 80ís now wouldnít that have been cool? Hearing Ratfans stories about how l affected their lives when they were kids in either times of need or just being there every day for Ďem makes me really proud cus that is all lím here for .....to entertain my beloved Ratfans yeahhhhh!

Kevin and Errol must be pleased to communicate with their fans too. How are the rest of the gang? Reggie still misbehaving?!
The gang are a solid bunch we stick together and support each other, even though half of Ďem are totally useless!!! Kev loves Facebook, Errol canít see the point and Little Reggie is gettiní in on the act too!

Roland's first album, due for a CD release soonLoads of people on Facebook and the Message Board are asking about when you'll be releasing your music on CD. Have you got any more details on that, and what other merchandise have you got planned for this year?
The CD music re-release is really important and we are hoping that will be in the Autumn where both albums will be released and new stuff too! Other merchandise set for the Autumn is the
t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodies license, plus the Anniversary DVD.

Roland's offical biography

You had an authorized life story book out many years ago. Will you be publishing your autobiography?

Good question - itís about time innit yeahhhhhh! Actually l have been writing a book as a matter of fact. Itís entitled ďRATíS LIFE!Ē and it documents everything from the beginning, it will be a fascinatiní read!!!!!

You used to wear a lot of Nike and Osh-Kosh fashion, what are your favourite clothes brands these days?
Most of my clothes are by VANS,  plus CONVERSE stuff too.

Paul Daniels filmed with Roland in LA. Photo:- www.pauldaniels.co.uk  
Photo: pauldaniels.co.uk  

You've met quite a few famous people in your time; are there any other celebs that you'd like to meet or work with?
l always wanted to work with Spike Milligan but the BBC were too scared to book him as they considered him difficult! lt was great working with Frankie Howerd on numerous occasions,  the Pythons Terry Jones and Graham Chapman were brill. There are loads more Iíd like to work with.... too many to mention... l luv meeting new stars, none of Ďem are as multi talented as me of course yeahhhh!!!!

Do you ever bump into any old friends in LA or London?
Well Iím always bumping into people on my jetsettiní travels. When we were filming on top of a mountain in the desert in California Paul Daniels appeared out of the blue, so l dragged him into the scene yeahhhh!

You have mentioned on Facebook that there's a chance you of getting your own show back in the UK. How's that progressing?
Slowly as per usual but l have my agent workiní on it, it will be a chat show to be shot in the Hollywood sewer or the London sewer with an audience aimed at a late slot, not for kids.

Do you manage to watch any British TV in the States? What are your favourite TV shows?
Donít watch British tv in the States, in fact l donít watch a lot of tv unless itís somethiní Iíve shot! In America most of the stuff is abysmal but l like RENO 911 and also the American OFFICE series is not bad.

Roland's Top 50 Superstar CountdownYou recently featured on Hits TV - we know your taste in music, so how many on the Countdown were your choice?! Kylie? Girls Aloud? Bananarama?!
Do you want a list of what was not my choice!? l guess you know my choices there were some left out cus they thought they were not commercial enough!!! Like P.I.L., Radiohead l had to beg for lggy Pop to be included!!! They cut me in before Bananarama sayin' it was one of my all time fave tracks....PLEASE!! That's what happens when someone edits your show and you are not involved!! l shot a link for P.I.L. but they did not include it. lf you are a true Ratfan you can spot the mindless rubbish that was not mine!!!!
For a complete Top 50 countdown list, click here

Have you got any projects on the go at the moment?
l always have several projects in development at any one time, we have a development list that is extensive. l would love to tell you about them but as l am often getting ideas stolen l have to keep them confidential otherwise a project ends up like The Koala Brothers....stolen!!! Wonít go into that now.......

Ireland put forward a singing turkey for their Eurovision Song Contest entry this year. The UK came last. Why don't you do the song for the United Kingdom in 2009?
l could do a lot better than a pathetic singing turkey thatís for sure and all our entries have been so appalling for years l think Colin my pet flea could do a better job than most of Ďem yeahhhh!!!! Scrap the whole contest Ė itís a joke quite honestly!

Roland in LA
And finally, have you got a message for all us Ratfans reading this interview?

Of course, l love you all yeahhhhh!!  Thanks to the web you can ďGET A LITTLE CLOSER TO THE ONE YOU LOVEí (remember that O.W.R.R.A.S slogan?) Check out the Facebook sites on a regular basis and of course the Official RR Web site will be up and running soon!!! Mind you with Ratfans.com doiní such a great job l can take even longer now yeahhhh!!!

Luv ya loads
ROL 2008

Ratcave 2
Los Angeles

Ratfans.com would like to say a big thank you to Roland for taking time out of his busy schedule to conduct the interview.

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