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Iris & Freddy

BIRTHDAY - 3rd April / STAR SIGN - Aries / FIRST APPEARANCE - Roland Rat: The Series / HOBBIES - Keeping scrapbooks on Roland
BIRTHDAY - 20th November / STAR SIGN - Scorpio / FIRST APPEARANCE - Roland Rat: The Series / HOBBIES - Chewing nuts non-stop

                              mum, IrisIris and Freddy are Roland's mum and dad, and also, of course Roland's
                            dad, Freddyparents to Little Reggie. They met each other at a party and immediately fell in love. They married, and moved to the sewer under King's Cross station, which is now The Rat Cave where the whole rodent gang live. Freddy used to work at the London Palladium, helping make the revolving stage go round for their live performances. He pushed Roland into showbiz - little did he know how famous he would become!

Iris and Freddy kept themselves out of Roland's TV shows in the beginning, with Iris using her time by running the fan club, OWRRAS. This was a full time job in itself, but when their son moved to the BBC, they were involved in some of the on-screen antics, often found talking on a park bench. Unlike most of the other gang members who have made records, they are yet to contribute anything musically.

Iris and Freddy like nothing more than putting their feet up, relaxing and watching their sons on television. They are also both on Twitter!

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