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Kevin The Gerbil

BIRTHDAY - 31st May / STAR SIGN - Gemini / FIRST APPEARANCE - Rat On The Road / HOBBIES - Collecting pink things

Although occasionally called a little creeper by Roland, Kevin has been the superstar's closest friend for thirty years. He follows the megastar round everywhere he goes to make sure things are running smoothly - although sometimes they aren't!

Kevin hitch-hiking to LondonBorn in Leeds, Kevin travelled down from his hometown to meet Roland, impressed at the superstar's early TV appearances. Kevin was responsible for purchasing the Ratmobile, a 1953 Ford Anglia, which was sprayed pink. This was quite fortunate, as pink is Kevin's favourite colour!

On Roland's first album, Kevin was responsible for recording three of the 10 tracks. He was even allowed to release one, Summer Holiday as a single! Of the other two tracks, one was called My Roland, a moving tribute to his best mate, and the other was a ditty about his favourite thing - a pink bucket. Kev likes nothing more than soaking his feet in his bucket at the end of a long day, so what better sKevin
                              in Edinburghubject than that to write a song about?! He even persuaded Errol to do a rap on it!

Kevin has appeared alongside Roland in every TV series he has made, from Rat On The Road, travelling to Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia and Los Angeles. Kev is sometimes prone to panicking, and has fainted on many occasions, notably in a cable car in Switzerland when it got stuck halfway up a mountain! Kevin enjoys eating sunflower seeds, and prefers a glass of bitter lemon to champagne.

He is sure to be alongside his best friend for a long time to come.

Kevin is now on-line with his very own Twitter profile! Click here to find out more. Kevin is no longer on Facebook.

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