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Rodent Memorabilia

As Roland became more popular, the demand for rodent related goodies soared. Soft toys of Rol and the gang were made, along with stickers, stationery sets, bedroom sets, records, videos, story tapes, books, annuals, toothbrushes and even spaghetti shapes! A computer game was also made, in which you controlled Roland around the sewers underneath London in a bid to rescue Kevin and Errol. With Roland's help, we've put together a gallery of just a small selection of the merchandise that has been released over the years.

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ebayIf you are looking to enhance your Rodent Memorabilia Collection, then a great place to start is ebay. There are usually plenty of rodent goodies for sale on the site, but please be aware of fakes or non-copyright items. If you are unsure, you can always send us an e-mail with the item number you are looking to purchase, and we'll try to verify it for you. The ebay logo will take you straight to the Roland Rat search results.

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