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Richard Baker

Rolandís been part of my life since I was born. Many of my earliest memories include Roland; I suppose you could say that he was without a doubt a childhood idol!

Richard in 1986

I thought it was amazing when back in 2003 Roland joined that MSN site that I created, it was I think itís fair to say a dream come true! Not that I wish to brag, but if it wasnít for that site we wouldnít never have known him personally! I donít talk to Roland as much as I used to but I do think about him still, and will always find him a fascinating entertainer! Hereís to the next 30 years Roland!

Tribute to Roland Rat Superstar
by Sanya
(No.1 Ratfan Chief Archivist)

30 years in the showbiz game
How the time has flown!
Can't believe it's been so long
More fond of you I've grown

You've been with me through thick and thin
Through good times and through bad
Knowing that you're always there
Makes me oh so glad

You'll always be my superstar
The one that I adore
Oh Roland, you're my hero
Now and forever more!!!!!

Sanya with her replicas


Bex and James Speed

Happy to be a part of a generation defined by a rat! And even happier to be moulding the next generation for many years to come! Jim is truly a ratfan in training!

James And His Rats!

Sam Dudman

Sam And His Rolands!

Congrats your Royal Highness Sir Bossman...aka Roland....a great friend and geni-arse superstar. What more can I say? Hang on how much is he paying me for this Tribute? What a Fiver?....enough said..
Well done from your mainman and gang x

Happy 30th Anniversary Roland Rat - from watching you save TVAM travelling the country daily in your clapped out Ford Anglia to tuning into your series every week as you brought some class to the BBC, you have entertained and defined a generation. Ratfans across the nation, holding their ratbags, cuddly replicas and OWRRAS memberships thank you - never has a client of D'Arcy De Farcy gone so far! You are Brill, Ace and Skill!

Dawn Bradley

It was 1983, I was coming up to 2 years old and my life was about to change forever - not only was I due to become a big sister later that year but on April 1st that year I fell in love for the first time with this cuddly rodent that suddenly burst onto our TV screens.
From the moment I first saw Roland Rat Superstar I was hooked, I loved everything about him and soon had his picture up on my wall and collected the merchandise when it was released. I along with my brother joined OWRRAS and we looked forward to received our letters and pinning the posters to the wall in our own Ratcave (my bedroom). Every Birthday, Easter, Christmas we could be sure that there would be something Roland in our stocking and we were never disappointed. For my birthday I would ask my Mum to make my cake to look like you or it had to be something Roland. When it snowed I wouldn't build a snowman, I would build a snowRat I guess you could say I was obsessed with Roland.
We went to the event at Battersea, twice saw the filming of Roland Rat: the series and it was during one of these visits that me and my brother actually got to meet our idol Mr Roland Rat himself - he made two Ratfans very happy. We presented him with a little trophy we had made and in return Roland gave us a copy of the script for that show. Even now just writing about that day makes me smile and just wish I could go back and do it all over again.

Roland had a huge impact on my life. As a child I was painfully shy and would hardly ever speak to people (even family) but I found my voice by imitating Roland and I spoke through my cuddly Roland toy and he went everywhere with me - I guess you could say he was my security blanket. As I got older and hit rough patches Roland was always there - no longer on TV much to mine and every Ratfans dismay but in my heart and in my treasured collection.

So 30 years down the line and I'm still in love with you Roland, I'll love you till the day I die. I follow the rules of OWRRAS, I still have all my original collections, my heart skips a beat when you reply to one of my tweets or a post on Facebook and to ensure that you will never ever be forgotten I have made it my mission to encourage my young nieces to watch your shows and watch you when you've recently been on Daybreak - they have fallen in love with you the way I did.

But most of all I want to say Thank You Roland for all the times you brought a smile to my face when I was sad, for all the times you made me feel part of something when I felt alone. You are a legend, a superstar, a geni-arse but more importantly you are loved by your legion of Ratfans and we celebrate 30 years of fantastic entertainment and we raise our glasses to another 30 years.

(P.S this letter is sealed with a loving kiss)

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