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Roland Rat - The Series

This was Roland's first TV Series for the BBC, and was broadcast in a prime-time Saturday tea time slot, usually around 5.20.

Based on BBC3 (which didn't really exist in 1986), Roland not only had his own show - he had his own channel!

Famous names such as Frank Carson, Lulu, Barry Norman and Nicholas Parsons opened and closed each episode, which was based in the RatCave.

Five of Roland's entourage made their first appearances in the series - Iris & Freddy, Colin The Flea, Fergie The Ferret, and Reggie's pet budgie Eric.

Maureen, the RatCave receptionist also made her debut, chatting to Roland as he made his way from reception to the TV studio. Roland sat behind his desk and introduced guest stars, sketches and major pop stars.

Roland was able to get some of the biggest names in music to appear, along with some top up and coming bands. Ultravox, Dead Or Alive, The Stranglers, Swing Out Sister, The Communards are Erasure all popped in and performed during the series.

Big showbiz names also sat chatting to Roland, or starred in sketches, throughout the fourteen episodes. Brian Blessed, Samantha Fox, John Challis and Richard O'Brien were all booked to appear by D'Arcey De Farcey - who also managed plenty of screen time himself!


Roland Rat - The Series - Opening Titles




Roland Rat: The Series

Fergie behind the deskGlenis and Kevin in A Tale Of Two
                            CitiesRoland behind his deskKevin as James BondMaureen keeping Eric's egg warmGlenis' engagement ringKevin in the canteenFreddy And Iris in the parkRoland playing "Dirty Roland"
                            in RatEnders
Roland and Errol in RatopussyRoland with Brian BlessedGlenis and Roland's wedding dayScottish day in the Rat CaveEric tucking into some fried chickenDingley DellDarcey and ColinBridge Over The River KwaiThe happy couple

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