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Roland Goes East

Roland's Winter Wonderland

Roland wanted to spend Christmas 1983 away from London, so Kevin booked a luxurious chalet "Liebestraum" in Switzerland. Errol drove the Ratmobile for two days across Europe to meet up with them.

Booked through D'Arcey De Farcey, the chalet cost 5.30 for three weeks - but this included Lulu, the St Bernard dog.

Whilst trying to go skiing, Roland and Kevin got stuck in a cable car. It was all too much for Kevin, who fainted. The day after, Kevin and Errol both had the same idea - to surprise Roland by buying him a Christmas tree! Roland also thought of it, so they ended up with three trees in the chalet. Roland wasn't happy when Errol decorated his tree with a lot of leeks! Kev and Errol were thrilled with their presents on Christmas Day though - signed photographs of an international Superstar.

Other highlights of the trip included Kevin standing in some dung, plus a full remake of the Sound Of Music called "The Sound Of Gerbils". Roland played Captain Von Strudel, Kevin was Marina, whilst Errol was Mother Soupstreamer!

Roland then ended up in hospital after a stint on the slopes, which turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. He then found out that he wasn't insured!

Roland, who had a bit of trouble with the German language wanted to go home, so Errol dropped them off at the train station. Unfortunately, they missed their train and Errol had already driven off!



Roland's Winter Wonderland - Opening Titles

Cable Car



Roland's Winter Wonderland

Errol drives the Ratmobile to
                            SwitzerlandRoland and Kevin await Errol's arrivalThe gang find their cabinRatmobile parked outside the cabinThe cabinKevin and Roland outside the cabinOff skiingThe cable car gets stuckKevin starts to panic . . .
. . . and faints!On the slopesRoland and KevinRol needs more lessons!Say cheese!The gang with Darcey De Farcey's
                            guidebookErrol cuts down a Christmas treeOff in the RatmobileRoland and Lulu, the pet dog


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